Scripture on Healing

Psalm 103:3 is a very meaningful scripture on healing. It seems especially meaningful for anyone who has been through a tough disease. When you are dealing with the unknown consequences of a diagnosis or you're in the middle of treatment or even are dealing with the effects of a life changing disease Bible scriptures like this one are especially comforting. 

The Problem

As I read this verse though, I see a problem. If believing in God heals your disease, then everyone would do it whenever they were diagnosed with any disease. This would, in effect, make the "belief" in God useless and fake. In fact, this is what Satan was arguing when he told God that Job would not follow and believe in Him (God) if God were to take away Job's blessings. 

God doesn't want this fake love and commitment to Him. God is looking for real love, real commitment and people He can count on. Not people who are just in a relationship with Him for what they can get out of it. 

My Interpretation

I believe that God can, and sometimes does heal people from various diseases. I believe that God can heal anyone of any disease. I have no idea, however, how the decision is made on who gets these miracles and who doesn't. 

What I think this verse is talking about is something that is way more important than physical healing. It seems that the author of scripture on healing is talking about spiritual healing, the healing of the disease of sin. I think God cares more about your eternal well being than your earthly physical well being. This does not mean that He doesn't care about your physical diseases, in fact I think this may be what the author addresses in the next verse. Verse 4 says "who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,...". God send His love and compassion to you when you are going through the tough things of this life. What He wants more though, is your commitment to Him while you are going through the things that this life throws at you. 


God loves you so much that he wants you to be in heaven with Him forever. It seems that His goal is to get you in heaven with Him, but that doesn't mean that He will forget you while you are on earth. He asks that we praise Him, love Him and trust Him no matter what we go through here on earth and our reward will be in heaven. He sends us various kinds of support when we are going through tough stuff, but also requires that we trust Him enough to not let go when life gets too much for us, instead He asks that we hold tighter to Him.

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